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Severe Accident Research and Knowledge Management for LWRS

Severe Accidents (SA) pose as the main risk associated with the commercial production of nuclear energy. Over the past several decades, a vast amount of research has been done to eliminate SAs with the potential for large fission product releases. As many specialists retire and all archives are becoming hard to retrieve, the knowledge and expertise that have been acquired through years are being lost. At the same time, new approaches for SA assessment such as Best Estimate Plus Uncertainties (BEPU) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are being explored.

There is a need to review, document and bridge the gap between existing knowledge and current experimental research on SA mitigation tools in order to apply them to future scenarios. The management, exploitation and assessment of this knowledge are the key objectives of the SEAKNOT project. More specifically, SEAKNOT aims to deliver a sound, critical analysis of the current knowledge on SA, provide an update on remaining experimental research needs, and lastly, strengthen background skills of young generations in the field.

Project Structure