Open Positions for SEAKNOT Mobility

CIEMAT (contact:

  • Mimic some pool scrubbing tests conducted in THEMIS to check the scale factor; experimental skills would be necessary, as the participant would be in charge of the experimental setup.
  • Analyze fission products transport through cracks/leaks during a severe accident; it is intended to use MELCOR and to do a focused-UaSA analysis to assess the accuracy when modeling such phenomena.

KIT (contact:

  • Experience on severe accident analyses in water-cooled NPPs (ASTEC, MELCOR).
  • Experimental knowledge at the QUENCH facility with particular focus on research on metallographic as part of ATF and SPIZWURZ projects.

PSI (contact:

  • Severe accident analysis with MELCOR or ASTEC (in cooperation with the ASSAS project).
  • Small scale experimental work on pool scrubbing.